Saturday, August 16, 2008

One man's meat is another man's poison

Just 8 days ago, I met a company in the fiance industry that vehemently rejected my proposal of a pole show for their event. Their reason : too provocative.

Today, I had a call from another company of same industry. They wanted to check my performance rates. They were comparing the pole and non-pole ones (i.e singing ones). Then they went on to enquire why the pole show is more expensive and I explained that I needed to cover cost of truck and several men to deliver & set up the pole.

Her remark "Oh my men would love to deliver and set up the pole for you". So that probed me to ask "Oh, so you actually like the pole show better?". She said "Of course! The show is so good, I love it, by the way do you teach?". That of course set off another conversation.

It was enough to make me euphoric for the rest of the evening! Glee!


Anonymous said...

I am sure her men WOULD luv to deliver and set up the pole, and watch the show close-up, hahahaha!

sinlady said...

the men would love even more to volunteer to be the pole :)

Suzie Wong said...

hey sis & Sl, flattering! 5 more years, and these people will say, oh the "uncles" would love to set up the pole for you