Friday, August 08, 2008

PROVOCATIVE? Think again!

I know I know, I'm being defensive, I shouldn't because not eveyone can appreciate the fitness bit and the art, but....

But I can't help but to disapprove when seemingly intellectual people and of good career status are so mis-informed!

Today I met a potential client whose theme i thought would fit well with a pole performance (excuse me, I don't always force it down people's throat, I sell only when I think it's appropriate and only if I feel you are at the capacity to understand that it is more than sleaze (or should it be less???)

The minute the comittee of this well-known financial organisation saw the pictures, they vehemently (complete with hand gestures) said "no no no, this is too provocative for us!"

Usually I'd be very defensive and start explaining how this act was recently featured in an outdoor national day dinner celebration and how pole has fast evolved to be the fitness regime of many ladies. But today I just said "Ok, next!" (as in next proposed entertainment performance item) and decide not to educate further.

Ask any of these girls and they will tell you how difficult it is to attain this level!.

Anyway it's ok, I'm not angry, upset or what. You don't have to console me by saying "ah well, you know, i understand it's vey difficult blah blah...but u see, people have different notions/mindset .........". I know I know it already, just want to let out steam a bit here...that's all... i'm ony too happy to have more receptive clients, cos tonight I have another pole performance....wee.e.e.e.!

So, tell me which part of it is provocative?


Hmm......I don't think so!



Or simply the fact that the dancer wraps herself around a pole that is deemed suggestive?


imp said...

don't scold me ah.

i speak from a PR perspective. but yes, in some segments of the various industries, this is deemed as provocative. it's got nothing to do with the pole. it's got everything to do with the poses.

by and large, this doesn't reasonate with a lot of corporate (i.e. boring) themes/moods and topics.

the allusion and suggestions of it, unfortunately, don't rest easy with many still. even with a mindset change, companies still have to figure out how to draw this into their theme. but if it's a healthy lifestyle theme, then no issue. they might ask u to change the experiment with say..classical music intead.... ;p

vb said...

U so funny lah!!! Koala!!! Hhahaahahahahhaa......These pp will be more enlightened, in time to come of course,

Suzie Wong said...

Imp, I won't scold la, just won't talk to u ever only! KIDDING! Ha. Only too happy u leave a long comment for me. Like I said, I understand, and i know, just kind of frustrating I fall in love with an unconventional hobby like that. Like I said I could have been very defensive but I already given up hope trying to be. It was a classical/artsy piece I was trying to propose but was cut even before I talked further, and I would be lying if I'd say I hadn't already prepared for that! Also it has to do with the way people put it. If I don't like something, I will tell the person/artist "I acknowledge your talent BUT not in line with our culture", defo not the way these people have put it lah! Anyway, I just have to be more mindful. Thanks

VB, yes, doesn't the koala look so cute? Hee

wildgoose said...

Definitely the pole! just look at that doggy. hahaha... =P

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha, I LUVVV your clever photo comparisons :D

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

hahaha... i like your last pic.

ask these people to try to do pole lah. see if they can even stay off the ground.

imp said...

don't care the silly people lah. you go do what u do best. if you like, you can wait for them to grow up and then come knocking on ur door. :)))

vb said...

No, u cuter lor!