Friday, August 22, 2008

Not a single dull day

Home sweet home now and showered.

Disregard the previous post, I must add that altho I'm working longer hours and probably a lot harder than before, I'm NOT unhappy. In fact everything in the week keeps me very happy (albeit tired)

Let me start with Sunday.

Sunday is visiting Ah Boy day. Haven't updated much about him but he has gotten so cuter. Now I combine taking him for walks in a park with "prawning", another activity I so enjoy, and it's very cute watching Ah Boy pretending to be excited when i have a catch. Guess he is learning to behave like a pet..heehee.muaks muaks.

Monday & Tuesday are classes day. I love the classes, I love the students, I love the co-teacher, I love the studio, and i just get so energized with each class no matter how tired.

Wednesday is pole practise day and I think the latest pole practise video (if you care to watch) is sufficient to prove my passion. Basically I can practise til everyone has left lor! guaguagua!

Thursday, if I don't have a gig, it's a night-off for me (well sort-of) It's my turn to jaga studio cos studio is booked for other classes and I get to sneak off for a massage when teacher conducts lesson.

Friday & Saturday usually performances otherwise I'd be chio-ing people to kopi & cake with me (durian expedition next ok)

Then it's Sunday and the excitement starts over! Yeah!


wildgoose said...

every day is different. sounds fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh! Very soon your nieces and nephew are going to forget they have an yee yee :S
Did you like the table tennis fever thing :D ?

Suzie Wong said...

WG-for now la, hope the excitment can last.

Sis, nephew & niece got so many people to fuss over mah! Yah, the table tennis is very cute, email the picture and i can blog about, it's very cute.

sinlady said...

oh good. now i know what nights to look for u.

what table tennis cute thing?

Princess said...


when can i perfect my body wave and grating!!!!

i'm so frustrated...i'm moving like robocop.

btw go youtube and search for extreme casey...she attempted to do a sexy pole dance. i repeat...attempted....

Suzie Wong said...

SL-yes pls call me, i have everthing except social life. haha oh my niece and nephew got into the whole table tennis heat and made their own table and bats with paper, and don't ask me how but they were using that to play table tennis

Princess, one step at a time, our sissors is very good today. and the extreme girl extremely hiao! haha. good bodywave tho