Thursday, August 07, 2008

A teacher's pride

When Acro Polates started conducting lessons a month ago , it was hard for participants of beginner pole-gram to come for pole practices, simply because they have not recovered from the aching arm muscles attained from the lessons.

From the record number of turnout today, it was rather evident that the ladies have toughened up and are dilligently putting the hour to good use. Amidst practices, it was hearthening to see the ladies helping and spotting each other, connecting with one another from different classes, all for the love of one steel pole!

If you think you see a guy in the picture, are eyes are NOT playing tricks! Haha
Anyway i also managed to sneak in a practise of my headstand (without pole support) today. WG, tell me if I'm doing it right as i think this is a yoga move..


sinlady said...

i admire all you peeps for your dedication.

wildgoose said...

I can't quite see from the video but overall, it looks good. just make sure you're press down from your wrists, and try to lift your chest up more so that your spine is over your skull. Now, it looks a bit curved.
Or maybe I pop down for pole practice one of these days lah. ;P easier.
But er... very painful to do on the floor leh.