Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Remember my SDU story? I still received their quaterly publication, Duet. They always feature success stories of couples getting hitched from participating in their activities.

Last night i was reading about this couple tying the know after 15 months. They met at a trip to silk route (wah) organised by the love-making, or sorry, match-making organisation. Obviously a couple of few words, they almost only provide mono-line answers (which are not much of answers) to most questions.

For example :
Q: What do you like about him?
A : He is very helpful and considerate.

Q: How did he propose?
A : He said "I think we should get married. We are fated to be together." (It's true, that's what she said)

Q: How do you iron out your differences.
A : We believe in talking it out and resolving any differences

Lastly, when i was reading this part to my 8-legged friend,
Question to the girl : "How did you decide on him"
Her answer " I had several suitors during that time, but i still chose Chai Hong (guys name)"

In the most feminie expression and tone, Spider imitated " I still chose Chai Hong because the rest very Ji Hong"............HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


sinlady said...

YM burst out laughing over Spider's line LOL

VB said...

HAHAHAAHAAHHAHAHA....... Next time, pls issue a warning when u hv such lines ok! I was screeching with my sore throat (no tks to u, it is worse now) when I read it (Certainly did not see it coming) and scared my poor husband (it is almost 1am now ok!). LOL

Suzie Wong said...

Hahaha, SL and VB, i know, i know, i couldn't stop laughing for like 20mins. It doesn't help that my sis has to sms me to ask me what is the meaning of 'JH'.....hahahha, i'm lol-ing even as i'm typing now

VB said...

Wah! Yr sister very innocent hor!??