Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SO, I don't understand lor.........

So many things i don't understand.

Now that i have paid TWICE for it, i still....

  • Don't understand what's the big deal about this phone. i learnt from this incident that it's a PDA cum phone, cum radio plus blah blah. don't understand why it's not like my hardy Nokia who survived the most abusive falls i had succumbed it to and still faithfully serving me. In fact after this whole BS I'm even more convinced that i should never rely on all these all-in-one gadgets. I like them separate, thank you.

    . Don't understand how your stupid ear-piece got stuck in one of those circles of my killer boots without my knowledge and when i stood up and
    walked, the phone got dragged onto the floor....

    . Don't understand how that damaged your phone big time when the drop was so gentle. But still, I offered to send for repair and bear the charges and whatever misc cost. But you said no, you want a new phone.

    I offered to pay for a new one, you told me it's a limited edition and you tell me money can't buy.

    I offered to pay fully for an upgrade and you told me you only want back this model because it is 'white'.

Don't understand why you had to make things so hard when there were obviously option 2*.

I offered to look for one first thing the next morning and i did. I found one last set in Harvey and went to pay for it and delivered it to you all in less than 24 hours from the incident.

Now you accuse Harvey of selling me a pseudo new piece and you want me to pay for the NEW set you ordered from your bro-in-law* (dah?)

Don't understand why didn't you do option 2 in the first place.

Don't understand now that even i agreed to the second option, you still had to yadda yadda rant rant. When i asked you why are you exuding such extreme misery over a phone, you pulled the stunt that it is a ROM gift from husband. Oi, char boh! No wonder you so miserable, Is that all you are worth to your man? A pda phone?

What i'd probably understand is.......
this phone is doing you no good. The radiation of this phone is probably frying your brains, that is why you are reacting like this.

So now I have paid for a second set, YOU HAPPY NOW?

The next time you delay my show, I'm going to charge YOU twice for it! NO DISCOUNT! YOU UNDERSTAND?


Anonymous said...

Tell the Char Boh it's her stupid fault for dropping her earpiece!

sinlady said...

aiyoh! compared to this, my former nightmare dance char boh partner is a dream.

VB said...

Sister, relax! I can understand yr anger but no use wasting yr live cells on such unreasonable pp. Don't let her cause u another wrinkle or frown line. Not worth it.

Suzie Wong said...

I can relax now that it's all over. You can't imagine the sleeplessness when i had to wait til next day to see if i can get hold of an extinct limited edition model (actually the phone dealers said it was a very old model). I even called Mustapha and was prepared to go get it if they have, it being the only 24-hour department stall. Can you imagine that even with that heavily indian-accented tone i could tell the salesman was trying to "tellll me the modelllll is no morrrre".

And after i gave it to her it wasn't the end, there were like another 20 sms-es transpired ranting ranting....aiyo.....buay tahan. anyway, i believe in karma----someone else is going to trip on her this new phone.....bwahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have tripped and then tell her it's her fault and she had to pay for your medical fees, hahaha. The fact is, it was her carelessness that resulted in the whole incidence.
Your lawyerly sis