Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hope that tells you something

Thanks all for nice words from my last post. Some have even emailed or smsed me showing concern and offering advices. I hear you and i appreciate.

Gotta tell myself there is something that i must be doing right to:

1. be performing at 2 out of the 4 events taking place at Swissotel tonight. The other 2 that did not involve me were weddings.

2. be performing all 3 different shows tonight., 1 Suzie Wong, 1 Belly Fusion, 1 Pole Show. Super jia lart, i had to change from one persona to another, hair, clothes, songs and everything.

Incidentally, contrary to the client who had ditched me in the last post, another client had wanted me to host their corporate dinner at the same place in the same week, but this one i could not make the assignment due to prior engagements. The latter had wanted me because i can 3-in-one (host sing dance). So last friday i decided to give a courtesy call to see if they had found someone else. She said no, because it was "either Suzie or nothing". They didn't want to get just an MC, they had wanted someone who can also perform. So they said now they will just have dinner.

Well, feel better already, we artistes are very emotional and downs very easily!

Anyway, just wanna show off a new uber duber ultra micro mini skirt for my pole show. Picture taken from reflection of inside lift looked funny (i had only from B3 to level 1 to snap this) so i edited to only show you the skirt. Will have more pictures next time. VB will know where i bought this.

Oh yes, and for all the cake orders....i hear you too...haha, will try to accede to all! Hee.Didn't lnow can be so "luck-koo"

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