Thursday, April 12, 2007


Caught the movie DREAMGIRLS while i was on board a flight. When i heard the powerhouse Jennifer Hudson of her delivery of "And I'm telling you", then i recalled a while ago i posted a Bianca Ryan singing the same song, and so I had to watch it again....awesome.

As i scrolled on to watch the other people who made their renditions of this same song, i can't help but smile when i see this girl


sinlady said...

What a mature delivery for someone so young!

VB said...

Such a cutie but I think she should be singing kiddy songs, right? Good showmanship too!

Anonymous said...

This girl is born to be on stage :D

Suzie Wong said...

VB, i think my sis's chubby kids are the only ones who still sing kiddy songs.....hahaha

I'm so i love with this song now i'm watching every rendition of this song, from Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Hudson, Regine Velequez down to this little girl's.....they are all so good, i'm not even near this little girl now!

Anonymous said...

Actually, your sister's chubby kids sing Abba's Money Money Money off-key, heheheh.
Mom of the kids who sing off-key

VB said...

I think yr sis's kids must be so cute. I like them innocent rather than so mature.