Friday, May 04, 2007


A morbid topic but a good reminder.

I have not stepped into a bank near my office for months because i hate the walk, the sun and the queue. So my collegues would take turns to go to the bank to conduct my company's transactions.

But today I volunteered as everyone else was busy and just as well i had to renew that long overdue passbook of mine.

I recalled serving the entreme left counter had always been this somewhat pleasant looking male teller (non chinese) whom although would greet me, but was a tad 'tao' (arrogant). You know that kind who are not generous with small talks or smiles or eye-contact. I guess being in the front-line daily and dealing with incessant complaints of long banking queue just robs one of his desire to be courteous.
You know he just wanted to do his JOB.

Coincidentally today i was served again by extreme left counter. But whom greeted me somewhat shocked me. Grinning fervently was a sunkened-cheeked, fail man who unmistabably was the same teller. His eyes were deeper set, he has lost at least 3 to 4 clothes sizes and his skin darkened. He could hardly speak loudly and mostly whispered to his officers to countersign my transactions. It was obvious this man was plagued by some disease that made him another man. But what was different about him was he seemed to have lost that non-chalant, slightly arrogant attitude. He was smiley, friendly and had more eye contact. There is a certain positivity in him. He wants to chat more with me but speaking suddenly became a chore to him, so he just smiled. Despite that, he seemed to be enjoying his job.

I hope we do not need to be reminded this way to treasure the air we breathe, the things we have and the people around us. Must remind myself not to bicker and get annoyed over small things.

Anyone, just to cheer up, read these signs (unrelated to topic, but funny)

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hahaha, i like the last one