Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I woke up this morning totally succumbed to an evil viral attack, one that leaves your throat sore, you nose runny, body completely limp and head feels like exploding.

I still have to perform tonight! Managed to scramble a quarter day off to rest at home, and self-medicate a bit. Figured that with that little amount of time it is senseless to travel to a clinic (and not all are opened at that time), wait in queue for the doc, and wait again for MC and medicine.

While talking to some people at work, there were at least 3 people who asked me why I don't excuse myself from the performance? Why don't get a substitute?

Strange that as in my more than a decade of performance span, I have NEVER gotten a sub! I had been more ill than today and sometimes fulfilling not 1 but 3 or 4 gigs. I guess it's different. These people didn't just book a singer, or a dancer. They book YOU, Suzie Wong or Ming. So rain or shine Suzie Ming has to be there. The most is an apology for the husky voice and the show goes on. I don't know how, but God ALWAYS helps me through.

If i hadn't tell you, can you tell I'm not well? This is taken just before i left for the gig. I was really trying to look normal.

Besides, how can i pass up a chance to perform here right?


Anonymous said...

I wished I had employees who have half of that spirit/ethics.

sinlady said...

Hope u get to feeling better FAST. BTW great pix.

Suzie Wong said...

I know sis, i have colleagues who almost always take MC after a public holiday!

SL, yes i will...i know for! I'm already better today. Should be ok by cake baking time. Oh yes, i was going to blog about my first cake order, yours will be the 2nd! hee

wildgoose said...

Hope you're ok already. I'm down with cold but still working tmr! Hope I'll recover in time to eat your butter cream cake! ;)