Saturday, May 05, 2007


Last post a bit sombre. To lighten up, here's a survey i hope you will help participate.

Today a 'Chandra' from UOB Credit Card called me. This was how the conversation went:

C : Good morning Ma'am. You have been selected by UOB to take up this blah--blah--blah card. Are you a UOB customer?

M : (then how you get my number?) Yes

C : Do you have any UOB credit card?

M : Yes

C : What Card do you own ma'am

M : Master

C : Ma'am, we are extending a chance for you to own a Lady's Platinum card....(he wanted to go on)

M : (cuts him short)...I already have that

C : Oh! (Pause). What is your annual income ma'am?

M : (Fwah! Hot liao--I think Singapore telemarketeers really need some serious training.)

Ok, at this juncture.........can i have a survey from my blog friends what would be your spontaneous reply assuming your conversation have gone this far?

This should be interesting.


sinlady said...

these calls never get so far with me because they start with "Are you so-and-so-and-so (my FULL name as in my IC)" and they always sound like the school disciplinarian looking for me after I have done something bad. So I tell them Yes, this is so-and-so-and-so(my FULL name as in my IC)and DON"T call me ever again.

Agree with you they never serious training with their sales pitch.

wildgoose said...

SL is so fierce. hahaha... actually, I think some of these telemarketers are NOT from the bank. So have some pity. :P

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

okie they normally dont get through the first question with me. cos they usually call when im at work, and i will be like 'look, stop calling me. i have no time and not interested in anything' then they will hear the phone slam.

Anonymous said...

I am usually too soft hearted wth these poor sods, and eatdrinkplayjunkie is right that they ALWAYS call during working hours so are spoiling to be scolded. But some of these are very tenacious...the ones who call me always offer to call me back when I'm not busy. Now getting back to your survey...I think this could be one call which could be fun...BS him that he had transgress some made-up privacy law and frighten the h*ll out of him :S

imp said...

i usually say "not interested. thank you. bye" and put down the phone after they identify themselves. i can't be bothered with them.

Suzie Wong said...

Hey thanks all....good suggestions some

One participation came via sms--says she'll say "I'm not working....OF COS I WANT YOUR CARD"..."...and she says she'll almost instantly hear the phone hang up. hahaha

To the question of "What's your annual income ma'am", spider's reply "More than yours"! Haha....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Must try the sms suggestion.

VB said...

Quite appalling! If so, in comparison, the HK telemarketers are very suave.