Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sony products WERE made to last.....

....but not anymore.

People in events will know that I still use Sony MD (mini disc) for my performances. It's not that I am out of date and don't know how to handle an MP3 player. Only because I have loads of sources (music for my show) still in MD format and my MD player(s) have lasted at least a decade and are probably one of most reliable thing to use.

But of late am getting disappointed with other products. The Sony Cybershot, if you recall, a pressie for me barely one and a half years ago konked out on me last week after some serious photo and video taking. I sent it in together with my Sony Dvd camcorder, which was bought about 3 years ago (also a present) for repair, as my Sony camcorder's shutter would not open on it's own. Recording function was still ok unless I pry open the shutter and use an adhesive tape to stick over it to prevent it from shutting.

Yesterday, service man called to say I need to change Cybershot lens as it was rattling. Reason given...many..."may be you drop, or dirty, or wear and tear"...WEAR WHAT TEAR WHAT? IT'S HARDLY BEEN 2 YEARS. Repair man added: "To change lens very expensive, about 400 something!" Siao! (Madness), I might as well buy a new one.

Today, same service man called about my dvd camcorder (wa sony so big only got 1 service man to service both sony camera and camcorder...I wonder if I send in my Vios laptop, MP3, speakers etc is it also repaired by him).

Him : "Ms Leong ah....your shutter needs hundred over dollars to replace".
Me "What? So expensive? What is the cause of the problem"
Him : "Oh could be you drop, dirty or wear and tear"....sounds familiar.......hmm feeling suspicious.
Me "then if i don't replace how?"
Him :"oh then we just open it lor. so means cannot shut already."
Me " ok, leave it open then"

As if you think that's the end,
he says "Ms ah, you camcorder also got another plobrem"
Me : "What plobrem? Don't have other plobrem what? Only shutter cannot open"
Him : "When i try to test record, sometimes got error code"
Me : "Is it? I never have this plobrem, so what cause the problem?"
Him : "It's the head la (HIS head, I think)....But to change the head, about 400 something"
Me : "Again 400 something? Forget, just send everything back....I am changing brand"!


Anonymous said...

I've had problems with Sony myself - camcorder, hardly used at all, repaired 3 times. I have sworn off Sony and now go with Canon. No worries with Canon S80 (now an antique) after 4 years of hard use.


wildgoose said...

Sounds like a scam...

When I was buying camera 3 years ago, the salesman said the Sony camera spoils easily, due to the thin design. So I got a Canon. Still working. consider a canon for next camera?

imp said...

i swear electronic products are meant (or made) to break down immediately on the day after the warantees expire.

sinlady said...

i so agree with imp! got story about our plasma tv and waranty expiration too.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

nowadays things are all made in china! i've got tons of problems with my apple products, but its all abt the brand, what to do?!