Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ah Boy's favourite Spot

When we first knew Ah Boy, he was lying under our table. I guess under the table is still pretty much his favourite spot. Maybe because it is cooler, or maybe because he thinks it is nearer to food! Lol!
But for sure, from the day we knew and fell in love with him til a year and a half later at Animal Lovers League, Ah Boy remains that cool dog with good temperament, mostly minding his own business, even if it means residing with several hundreds of ex-strays, some of them cranky & grouchy. The possibility of negative effects and influence irked me, sure our weekly checks reveal that he occasionally gets into mild fights, but mostly I think it is from self defence, but largely, Ah Boy remains a cool dog, one that makes us very proud. Above all, he is such a sweet, loving, loyal and obedient dog when in our company

Contrary to humans, pets are so much more rewarding investments (time & love). How many times have you helped and carried someone and when they find new fame, friends, success, they start giving you the cold shoulder, or attitude? I have met so many, one just yesterday.

Having Ah Boy, from the rescue to now our weekly visits has been one of the most rewarding experience. I can't wait til the day when I have him as our full-time pet.


Blogs Follow Me said...
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eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

man's best friend! :)

sinlady said...

i would love to hear of the day he goes home to live with you!

Suzie Wong said...


SL--me too...i'm (we) starting to miss terribly in the week.