Friday, June 05, 2009

Really got recession meh?

why is everything still so expensive?

yesterday I sent my car to the workshop for servicing. I took a cab home from ubi, which wasn't far, and that cost me $7.40. Then after doing some work at home, I headed to studio which was only about 11km away and I paid $10.40. When it was time to collect my car, I took a cab again from Waterloo to Ubi and it was another $16....Total bill $33.80.

Today i had a very mild eye infection due to contaminated contact lens. My regular clinic was closed in the afternoon and I walked into a nearby dingy, old-school clinic that still had one of the ceiling-mounted fans with decades of dust draping from the blades. One eye drop and 10 allergy tablets cost $30. No wonder I've never been in there those years I lived in that vicinity.

Tell me! Why is everything still so costly during recession? Today I though of changing my car (for work purpose ok--to a working car and not a luxury thing) and in order to maintain my current instalment, I have to fork out close to $30k for a korean brand 1.6l (my current car is 3 1/2 year old japanese make 1.6l)...uurgh!


sinlady said...

don't like that about the GP lah. the cost was in in eyedrops lah.

Anonymous said...

yah tell me abt it, when i cant find a committed part time maid to clean my house. where got recession? - EDPJ