Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acro Poleformers Schedules at Super Import

I have been so busy I have not had time to :

1. fax back show contracts
2. issue cheques for my car insurance and road tax
3. prepare for my own thursday show (I'm suppose to do some serious singing, belly and pole dacning! woo)
4. buy my facial soap-this is by far the longest I've not been using my usual soap.
5. shop for additional costumes for the poleformers which i intended to.
6. to check on what infection I have to cause an enlarged lymph mode

Regardless, now at 5am, i am going to update you on the first 2 days of the Acro pole-formers scheduled appearances at the Super Import Nights Acro Polates Showcase cum Pole Position Pole Dance Competition

18 Sept (Friday)
8pm - Group Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers -Hui Yi, VLynn, Eunice, Sophie

8.10pm- Duo "Exotic Belly Pole Performance" by Acro Poleformers Sophie & Gazalle
8.15pm - Contestants Preview-Appearance of 3 finalists Jessy, Nurul & Azalia
8.45pm - Duo Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers CThong &V-Lynn

19 Sept (Saturday)
3pm - Guest Performance by Getai Hot Pole Babe, Lin Zi Yi
3.10pm- Duo Spinny Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers Eunice & Nicole
3.15pm- Contestants Preview - Finalists Esther & Trina
3.35pm- Guest Performance by Groove, Renee & Eleanor
3.40pm- Contestant Preview- Finalist Melissa
3.45pm-Group Pole Perfomance by Acro Poleformers Hui Yi, Jean, Jo, Dawn
3.50pm -Duo Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers Ming& Eunice

Remember, only $10 to support us


sinlady said...

go sleep lah!

Anonymous said...

u shld relax! health is the most important. - EDPJ

Suzie Wong said...

Thanks....i wish i could, SL, EDPJ

Anonymous said...

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