Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We are adding 2 new modules to our syllabus:

1. LEVEL 5- POLE-FICIENCY....Acro Polateasers who have graduated from Level 4 can now look forward to work on even more advanced tricks at Level 5, starting in November

2. POLATES CLUB....For those who would like to add a little dance to your pole tricks, Polates Club is the class you should look out for. Teaching you choreographies jointly developed by the Pole-formers team. Our next class concentrates on a cutesy dance item incorporating cheeky moves and level 2 and 3 inverts...see the performance here:

Will be taught over 6 x 1 hour sessions

For more info on our other classes:

Level 1 : Basic Pole-gram
Level 2 : Pole-gress
Level 3 : Pole-tential
Level 4 : Pole-fessional

----added later------

anyway if you wanna watched the contestants' performance at the pole dance competition at Super Import Nights, they are available at Razor TV.

Kelly's video , a product of Acro Polates, we congratulate her on coming in 2nd

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Anonymous said...

All your "Pole" terms are so clever, LOL.