Friday, September 18, 2009

Professional vs fanatical

The entire choreography was worked out on a static pole. It is a beautiful piece I couldn't wait til the part of the evening where i can show it off. It was meant to be a duo piece for the next few night's performances but I wanted to experience performing it alone tonight.

The truth is I had waited the whole night for this one piece. Tonight I was hired by someone from the elite group to entertain only 23 guests with 1. belly dancing, 2. lounge singing (live with piano) and 3. Pole dancing. So you can imagine how confident I was to assume role #3, it was all in a night of surprises for the birthday lady.

But just as I was changing outfit to take on role #3, I saw the 2 guys struggling for a whole 8-min to lock my pole into static.......they kept turning the pole, the nut, the pole, the nut, but nothing would lock it in place....i knew they panicked without realising the weird sight of 2 grown men, bending down trying to fix it for a whole 8-10mins in full view of the 23 guests...I was uber frustrated, i mumbled some expletives and told them to just leave it, I would do a spinny. I wasn't sure whether it was the music that drowned me out or they chose to defy my order...they were still at it for another few minutes until I gave another stern warning.

They finally heeded my order. The music started and my heart palpitated, I didn't know what would be the outcome. I went on to perform, changing almost the entire choreography, doing whatever came to my mind. I was so weary I would end up flinging myself off the pole and landing on some expensive vases or antiques. Thankfully that did not happen, and although I was awfully sure some of the guests could not tell the difference, I was utterly utterly disappointed.

I was disappointed the party had not ended they way I had planned or wanted, I was disappointed that guys being guys, they always think they knew it all...when u want affirnation that they know, they always reply "easy", I was disappointed they did not feel my disappointment, they did not share how important this gig was to me. I was disapponited that I have had so much anxiety attacks lately, and they had to add on more..

In my angst, Spider friend reminded me that I should not have risked my safety to deliver. Ah well, I started performing pole after learning my first invert the night before, what do u expect?


Anonymous said...

Ms Suzie, step back and take a deep, slow breath. And another one. And another.

Now let go of all that stress and disappointment and celebrate your first (if impromptu) spinny performance!

The cock-ups are just a blessing in disguise - after all the song is perfect for a spinny and you look great on the spinny even if you won't admit it. I suspect your performance was probably prettier than if you had done the static choreo. Anyway, you're so good, you'd have pulled it off even if the pole had come alive and hopped around the room. :)


suzie wong said...

Sigh, Ms do you always stay so calm and collected? I'm still sore this morning (er I mean afternoon)....I thought the alchohol early this 4am would numb! woke up with some consolation tho, was asked to quote for another party ..pray that i get it! :)

Anonymous said...

It's easy to be calm and collected when I'm sitting on my lazy a** reading your blog and you're doing all the hard work ;)


sinlady said...

hey - you are a true pro and the show did go on. don't be so hard on yourself. must get together in october ok?