Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Import Nights Updated schedule

Needless to say the, pole-formers were a big hit with the audience made up of mainly avid photographers some armed with some really serious SLR cameras. When load our videos you will know what i mean by the incessant flashes.

  • 20 Sept (Sunday) 3-4pm
    Duo Spinny Performance by Nicole & Eunice
    Contestants Preview-Melanie, Alicia
    Guest Performance By Groove Dance School
    Group Performance by Hui Yi, Jean, Jo & Melanie
    Duo Pole Performance by CThong and Dawn

  • 21 Sept (Monday) 3-4pm
    Group Performance by HuiYi, Jean, Kelly Sheree
    Duo Spinny Performance by Eunice & Nicole
    Duo Exotic Performance by Sophie & Gazalle
    Duo Performance by CThong & V-Lynn
    Results of Competition & PrizePresentation

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