Sunday, September 13, 2009

This coming week.....

The Pole Position Pole Dance Competition to be held at the Super Import Nights is merely a week away,

I'm so busy finalising details while trying to juggle other stuff

Judging criteria
Overall choreography & suitability with choice of son (30 pts)
Pole Tricks & Execution (30 pts)
Showmanship/Costume (30 pts)
Originality/Creativity (10 pts)

In the meantime back in the studio, the Acro Pole-formers team is yet again rehearsing twice weekly for the upcoming performances...back to pre-NDP schedule.

Catch Sophie and Ghram putting up a spectacular exotic pole item fusing belly dance and exotic movements...super chio..................
The other pole-formers

Entry to Super Imports is $10


sinlady said...

oooh...ghram and sophie duet! that promises to be super good.

wildgoose said...

must watch! they'll be performing on the day of the finals?

Suzie Wong said...

Sl, WG--Yah, 2 tops in sg, one in belly dance and one in exotic dance, and coming together to incorporate pole...really fab..wg, yes on 18 and 21, partial schedule updated

Anonymous said...

URGH. i missed out so much! darn cramps came at wrong time - EDPJ