Monday, September 21, 2009

It's over

It's been stressful & tiring, all the rehearsals, preparation, planning, organising. BUT so so satisfying and so much fun.

Can't wait to post all the pictures and videos to show you all..............for now i just need to rest and catch up on OTHER work.

But before i log off, i wanna whine......about some rich people.

The day after i performed at this event, I received another call from someone who attended the event. She's planning a birthday party for her hubby. I don't get it, she has the money to throw a surprise party for him at Four Seasons with over 200 people but has been haggling with me over some small amount, over 12 emails, over a 3-day span.Think I'll just ignore her for a while.


wildgoose said...

Unfortunately, that's how a lot of rich people are. Next time, just quote them a premium upfront. To compensate for the time you have to spend haggling with them. =P

Anonymous said...

thats why they are rich mah!

cant wait to see the pics from the competition.