Tuesday, January 05, 2010

That's It

I've meddled & handled my own deals, I perform, I coordinate, I plan, I book-keep, I do the accounts, I issue cheques, I teach, I learn, I clean, I update the web, and you do only like what? you fly you party while i perform and slog, and more then once I heard you complain to people I'm asking too much?

Anyway you shut that trap because you traitor, liar, cheater. You have stepped on the WRONG toes!

Ok, ok, I know that's not like me (runs her fingers to straighten her messy hair ), I just need a space to



wildgoose said...

Cool down, cool down. You are amazing, it's hard for others to match up. =p

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing you've had that chat :P

it's an unfortunate fact of life that no matter how nice you are, there are people who will repay it with s*** and feel no guilt about it. you can feel hurt and betrayed and lose sleep over them and ruin your own health in the process or you can exorcise the a**** and move on.

i'd say this one is not worth wasting any more time or energy on.

don't i sound like a b****. you've been warned. haha.


SW said...


SM-I'm not losing health and sleep over losing a loser, just that lots of s**** to clear now....lots! uurgh!

sinlady said...

oooh...lau niang really angrified. haha