Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Uurgh! Scary! So true

I was doing some reading up of chinese zodiac in preparation for a chinese new year show I have to host this weekend.

I peeked into mine and how eerily true. It said

It is essential for the monkey to not be overly emotional. You will find that not everything will go your way initially. While you might lose a close friend, you have to maintain mental stability.

He was a indeed a close friend before, liked a nephew (past tense...NO longer and NEVER!), he was someone I took along for family meals, late night foot massages, cakes and jamming sessions. Only consolation is, all these happened at the end of year of Ox.

Don't worry, I AM VERY sane and stable, but still to the MORON I wanna yell TRAITOR


wildgoose said...

Better luck in the new year! Take care, babe.

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proswet654 said...


Anonymous said...

its ok lah. its all over now. look forward to the new year! - EDPJ