Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pole dancers at NDP and YOG

The people are at it again, stereotyping pole dancers even before they see the act.

THIS pretty much reminds me of what we went through LAST YEAR during NDP.

At least
THIS OTHER PERSON'S comments are more thought thru and not jumping the gun.

I think it will take people a time before they accept pole dancing as as form of new sport. So I have given up trying too hard to change people's mind set at a public event, I'd far prefer to educate it through a different channel, for example like at the POCC Pink Party, such as

But as far as public events are concerned, I have moved on to introduce another form of aerial arts.
This Heritage Fest offered an extremely enriching experience, and above all, artists were paid proper "professional" fees & given TV coverage (albeit short). Comparing this to the former gig, the artists were paid only a "token" fee in exchange of many full-day rehearsals, and all these for a 10-sec TV exposure for the actual event (I heard this year YOG's pole dancers not even on TV), and in the end still had to suffer much public criticisms!

Well hopefully the next time if we are offered a chance to appear again, pole dancing would already be awarded its sports status just like yoga, pilates and martial arts.

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while googling for more info, I chanced upon THIS, the article and comments are like "wow! i didn't know"


sinlady said...

i wouldn't even waste spit trying to change anybody's mind. just do what you believe in, and the rest will fall in place.

wildgoose said...

There will always be naysayers. Just keep doing what you think is right.