Friday, October 01, 2010


I heard some school discrimiate against other teachers from attending their courses. They want to charge double? Got such thing meh? So if you sell mee pok must pay double to eat another stall's mee pok issit?

And oh please stop being so low to tell others that you were offered the contract my question is..why aren't u doing it? Puh-leesssss


wildgoose said...

Chill..... It shows that they are afraid of competition from you. :)

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

its pure JEALOUSLY... when people dont get it they just hit low hoping to piss you off. its really low.

Suzie Wong said...

thanks. no ones competing with them. I'm always known to do my own things and what i believe in, that explains why suzie wong still going strong when so many younger entertainers come and disappear....the lastest i heard they even bar their students from loading videos on youtube and facebook....i think for fear we watch...hahaha, so paranoid...we allow and encourage our students to load, i think it is very encouraging no matter how good or no good....the students pay for the courses, they do anything they want!