Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What have I been doing?

I know I owe you big time, and I am not surprised you have abandoned this blog....I spend so, and I mean so so time these days updating facebook. So if you are still keen on me, go facebook to find Suzie Wong , or Acro Polates.

Just a little update. my performance career and life has evolved a little. I am involved in so many aerial performances that sometimes  I forget I am a singer and I am not sure I know how to sing anymore....these are some of the recent videos, if you don't see me in the video, that is because I am behind the camera :)

Acro Dancers and Fly Acro Aerialists @an Opening

Acro Dancers, Acro Poleformers (Pole Dancers) and Fly Acro Aerialists @ Closing

For the first time, Fly Acro Silk and Hoop aerialists performing together, not forgetting Acro Dancers

Duo Fly Acro Aerialists @ the beautiful Avalon

Finally, you see me in one of the aerial videos. This is probably my 3rd performance

I just clicked on some of the right links, . Good to know some of your are continuing
my friend's blog and realsied at least half og you have stopped blogging.

Oh yes, another thing I have been busy with is creating new workshops. Over the last few months, we have had Burlesque/Chair/Feaher Boa/Exotic Workshops by Mr Burlesque, Rodney James, Master Pole Workshops by Pole Champion  Jenyne Butterfly and currently Single and Double Static Trapeze by Izzie Y.

Mr Burlesque will be back in May with more seductive tipson how to Burlesque. Look out for info here!

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