Saturday, February 28, 2009

Serving chicken wings to a man

verybelly sent me this


wildgoose said...

Haha.. that's cute. I wonder where would the man start.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

haha, i like the use of the chicken wings.

sinlady said...

aiyoh. eat what first? haha

vb said...

Haven't eat oreadi steam liao hor!?

Suzie Wong said...

WG-haha, i think it's relative. some people like to sink their teeth first into something they like and leave the so-so bits later. for me i like to finish off those i dun like so much and leaving my favourite to be savoured later...hmm not sure if i answer ur question.

EDPJ-it's cute isn't it? and somehow the word "chcken" used in so many ways

VB-ya, so to answer WG question, maybe can just stare at them, dun eat..haha

SL-after i showed spider, in the evening he requested to eat chicken wings for dinner. Dun get me wrong, not mine! I mean as in order as a dish. In fact he passed a comment that my "drum sticks are getting bigger from all my pole dancing"...hahaha, i think he was hinting to me that hey are a turn off!