Saturday, April 04, 2009

Suzie enjoys the compliments on her physique

I couldn't care less it they are from the PRC masseuse who are just saying for the sake of winning my business, but it is quite another when it comes from this burly Javanese makchik masseuse who gave me a much needed kneed and commented "wa miss, your body very sor-lid"... :)

But I must say, having lost some body fluids and fats (hopefully) after battling 2 weeks of flu (since return from Guangzhou), I do feel quite lean and tone and I'm loving it. I hope I don't return to my food craving days so quickly!

In fact these are some of the comments on facebook after I loaded my Studio's new Racer top and shorts.

KS at 4:02am April 2
I want to be like you when I grow up.

Suzie Wong at 4:12am April 2
hahaha sweetie! i was posing & picking a picture for publicty of our top and shorts, thought these were too unfeminine! but i posted them up to remind myself I had those definition...sometime they will probably disappear because I am indeed 'not young' anymore

SM at 4:49am April 2
I love the shorts!

LP at 9:31am April 2
Ming, with these pics you want people to look at the shorts?

JG at 9:47am April 2

JG at 9:49am April 2
err... I meant the muscles...:p

RS at 10:37am April 2
You put people like me to shame!


sinlady said...

suziewong - so nice to get sincere compliments :)

wildgoose said...

the way u practice, how to lose the definition? :) Good to hear you're getting better.