Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been stalked?

Apparently I'm such a sort after regular massage patron that the "lao ban niang" (lady bosses) of 2 competitors offer incentives to win me over.

Tina, my masseuse was originally a "full-time" with Shop K. Recently she converted to free-lance (they call it "pao tai", literally translated as "run stage") i.e. she will go wherever there is business for her. As a free-lance, she earns 10% less per customer. The perk of being one, however, is she no longer has to be accountable to one boss (a rather nasty boss), and she now has a wider customer base .

Shop B's boss wasted no time in asking Tina to lasso me over by luring "free-parking" arrangements, which would jolly well save me $3 per visit. When Shop K's boss learned of that, she too reimburses me the parking charges. On top of that, she told Tina that she would re-instate her commission to the old rate if I am retained..

Somehow this is rather dejavu. My sister may recall that in JC, I had 2 ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities) "fighting" over me until they had to call in Vice Principal to make a decision. You may ask why couldn't I join both. The fact was I didn't want my grades to suffer and only would join one. I told them my mother said so!

Sorry for the digress. Anyway tonight after a performance I decided to find Tina again and would usually make an appointment first. For some reasons I didn't call and was told Tina is away on vacation by time i arrived. So I was assigned another lady. I could tell this other lady was both elated and stressed to be picked to attend to me. On one hand she kept apologising that her style is different from that of Tina and that I should guide her how to be as good.... she must have said it at least 5 times within that hour. On the other hand, she was incessantly praising my skin, my hands, my body that i don't look my age (yes she mentioned my huh, how did she find out?) and all these while I was lying down butt naked, made me real--ly uncomfortable, as if like she was offering sexual rather than a massage service. When I told her my body's not that great anyway, that I'm short and a little meaty, she said how could it be when i only eat cup noodles!?!?! Then she said she remember seeing me one night eating cup noodles while waiting for Tina. Oh my, yes! That night I had to wait for 10 mins for Tina and I went to the convenience stall next to it to get myself a noodle. How could she remember something so minute. She also told me she found out why I wouldn't go to Shop B because one of the past masseuse had caused abrasion to me skin. The last draw was she told me she saw me drive my "black" car once and she admired me for being a brisk & sleek driver....... ewwwwwww...Ok enough.....i pretend to have fallen asleep!

I'll wait for Tina to come back before I go for my next massage


sinlady said...

you a real life celebrity mah. they so fascinated about every detail about you haha

seriously i agree the masseuse who tended to you was overly chatty and familiar. it would annoy and creep me out too.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

hahaha... u must have wished that the massage ended quickly. how come she knows so many things about u, creepy indeed.