Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Times are really bad!

I would be lying if I told you the economic crunch has not affected the events industry.....I'm so free now I have booked myself a holiday next weekend, yes WEEKEND!

Recently a repeat client contracted me again as the MC for their upcoming company dinner. It has always been a relatively low-key, intimate, not too extravagant kind of event, with an MC, lots of staff performances. And so this year they let me "bao" (be in charged) the whole thing of which i gladly accepted.

Few days later, I received a short email from another event company, one of those that will contract just my singing services. The email read "your company does events? pls advice"

My reply "yes, what up?"

He said he "lost" a deal to me and upon further probing, I learnt that it was this repeat client. I tried to let him see he did not "lose" to me as they had been my direct client.

Later I found out that he had bad mouthed my company.

When the client told him that they had selected ** (my) company, his email reply to them was
"** Company? they are less than a year old in the industry. They must be the cheapest" (exact words).

Ouch! Times must be hard for him to feel so sore!


sinlady said...

hey - must arrange meet up with you since you so free now! got a long-time-not-got-together friend to ask along!

wildgoose said...

i'm sure you can do with a holiday. you've been working so hard. enjoy.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

aiyo, sucks to have people badmouthing. its so unproductive and unnecessary. just treat this lull period as time to unwind and relax! said...

The recession is affecting all of us but hopefully long term the economic climate will recover and hardworking people like us who look after our customers will be rewarded.

Have a wonderful holiday (where are you off to?)

Sam x

Suzie Wong said...

SL-sure sure


EDPJ-those ppl sore losers. they didn't realise client angry with them for making such remarks they actually showed me the emails

Sam-thanks and totally agree...Me going to Guangzhou in china. hopefully i can get some good buys for pole dance/show costumes