Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheekiest Class in Acro Polates

These group of girls very cute, they make me laugh each week. They just learnt pole climb and pole sit and decided to perform some 千手观音(thousand hand buddha) stunts on the pole! Haha...They above picture is the perfected one.

But check out the "in-the-making"!

Peek at the reflection.....they are damn funny and tak-glam lor....And what is this grabbing the breast bit! so naughty!

And hello, why you sticking your face out?

Ok corrected, but still very messy! Haha

Someone else trying to pole sit, but not very succesful!
Ok, see you all when i return from Guangzhou..i dun remember having been so thrilled about a holiday for a long long time :)


sinlady said...

enjoy your break! shop and eat furiously.

vb said...

u coming to HK or not?!