Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fabulous Saturday

It was a rare Saturday in a November without a gig.

Instead of wasting my precious Saturday, I met up with good girlfriends, Sinlady, EDPJ and Wildgoose for tea. It was a marvellous 3-hour of catching up (i.e. Then I went on to attend Animal Lovers League's Fund Raising Dinner and did my small part towards the course of saving the abandoned and homeless cats and dogs.

Then it was a little pampering of my fingers and toes, something that I find so hard to find time to do if not for the fact that some nail palours open til 2am.

Finally it was a pop-over to listen to my baby play...oh gosh...still sounding so good!

Turned out to be a meaningful, relaxing Saturday...and re-charges me to face the stressful week ahead


sinlady said...

it was a great saturday. and we have to do coffee chat more often!

wildgoose said...

It was great catching up with everyone. :)

imp said...

sounds absolutely fabulous indeed! a good break in your hectic schedule!

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

mani and pedi at 2am!? maybe u can start a manual on how to survive Singapore as a nocturnal animal?

we must do this more often.. :)