Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A quick update : My birthday

Lots happened during the week, little time to blog. So just a quick birthday update.

What's my party without a pole right?

Ok, me and more me....courtesy of Celestine who took the pics..thanks cos I realised, as usual i was running the event til I had no time to snap pictures....last year i had a professional photographer and ended up with some 600 shots!

Instead of traditional cake (I can't believe I ditched my fave butter cream), I ordered cupcakes, baileys, lychee martini and chocolate rummm......yummm..no regrets! As you can see some already missing before the candles were blown!

I can always count on Daniel & Marla to fill an empty pole platform.

This year I even have a Daniel wannabe, Nicholas from Seremban, he's only 16 and loads of poletentital

Got special guest perfomer, Ella.
A simply fulfilling party.....I'm so blessed
those who just read this and wish to sendme a belated birthday wish, just help me click on my nuffnang ad. :)


wildgoose said...

I guess you wouldn't mind another birthday wish, right? ;)
Thanks for inviting. I definitely enjoyed the cupcakes.

sinlady said...

birthday wishes! let me know when you can see me for late lunch or something sometime soon!

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

hey thanks for inviting. i love your baileys cupcake!