Monday, December 28, 2009

This is a little overdue

But I thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts for my birthday.
and this year instead of a birthday cake, I opt for these lovely bailey and lychee martini and chocolate rum cup cakes, some went missing before candles were blown


wildgoose said...

The outfit really 'boomz'! lol...

love the cupcakes. the alcohol inside really packs a punch.

sinlady said...

looks like the skirt doesn't fit too well leh. sigh. something very wrong with that designer brand.

i generally don't like cupcakes but these were heavenly! :)

suzie wong said...

hehe...cupcakes yummy.

yes, outit boomzy especially the top

SL...the skirt fits well, maybe I'm just trying too hard to suck it in