Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why I so like this?

I'm actually quite a softie, but always wanting to act so tough like that. While I quite enjoy reading "emo" posts on other's blogs, I'd rather not make my emotional soft spots known, not unless I'm extremely upset with something /somebody I'd blah it out on my blog

Today Daniel came for one last pole practice before he took the 2am flight to Europe for some six months or so....I'm so gonna miss practising with him, but I just won't overtly show or admit it. Yes, that last hug almost brought a tear, but I'd quickly rattle some jokes or nonsense to distract myself. It was the same when Kelly left for good for Melbourne. I chose not to send her off at the airport because I knew I was gonna cry buckets. I regret not even taking some farewell shots with her.


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should let your emo side out lah.