Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Moth! Run!

Moths, especially the huge ones with patterns, terrify me.

I remembered once when i was a kid, I almost drowned in a pool doing my front crawl. My head bobbed out of the water (to take a breath), and one big moth was floating in my direction. That was the last time i swam at Singapore Island country club.

Someone recently stuck a poster in our lift. Just now as I entered the lift, I thought someone had added a sticker on the poster. And as the lift door was almost closing to a complete shut, I suddenly realised that it was NOT a sticker, but a huge moth lightly fluttering its wings and probably ready to terrorise me when I alone with it behind the lift doors.

I muffled my instant desire to scream but instead let out a soft but very petrified"OH MY GOD" and stuck my finger between the lift door which was by now just an inch from shutting, and literally pried open it.

I ran to the next lift, and still shudder at every sound produced by the lift motors. When the door eventually opened, I felt my knees had turned jelly.

I thought it would help to quickly send friend a text messsage to warn him so that he might not get a fright when he gets home, presumably in half an hours time. Instead of thanking me, he said I probably frightened the poor moth! Bleah


sinlady said...

oh, those things are scary enough when they flap around your head in an enclosed area. then there's the powdery stuff they give off when they flap their wings that really freak me out.

wildgoose said...

They're really quite harmless leh. If you don't startle them, normally they'll just stay put.

Anonymous said...

urgh. reading your blog post still makes my hair stand.


Anonymous said...

One balmy evening at home once upon a time, Ming ran screeching pass me, with a clueless moth fluttering happily behind her. I helpfully yelled (had to yell above the bloodcurdling scream) a suggestion for her to try frightening the hapless moth off. Ming turned around with a faked fierce look, and ROARED. The moth froze in mid-air (I kid you not), did a 180 degrees, and flew off :D :D :D.

Suzie Wong said...

SL--eww..yes the powdery stuff.

WG--i know, but it's just like some ppl are scared of lizards, roaches, caterpillars....but for me..moths!

Sess--glad to know I'm not the only one

Sista--thanks for the reminder..haha, that's farni

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

ooh. i totally get what you mean. its like getting trapped in a lift with a flying cockroach!!!

njl333 said...

the funniest thing about this entry for me is that i can actually mentally picture the scene where you mouthed your 'OH MY GOD', and in my mind, it is absolutely hilarious.