Monday, March 15, 2010

Ah boy-a little human

As you can see, my Ah Boy has gotten a little chubby and so we take him on weekly runs. As a sweetener, he gets bak kwa (roasted pork) for completing half the course, and his favourite chicken the end of the finishing line.

Like a child, he would find ways to wriggle himself out of the routine, like pretending to be distracted, or just stopped altogether looking tired and pitiful. It gets worse when the weather is not cooperative or conducive for a workout.

Today he tried to pull the same stunt, so mummy pulled out the packet of bak kwa and he immeditately sprang into action knowing that he had to complete the lap before he gets his treat....very cute la he


wildgoose said...

Does the run actually compensate for the bak kwa? haha... He is cute. :)

vb said...

Yup, Ah boy looks like he has "grown" abit!!! U are so mean! U make him exercise until siong siong, then u "reward" him with calorie/fat laden bak kwa!!!! Hhahahahaa....... there goes his workout!!!!
ps. Dun forget the satay!

sinlady said...

sprang into action? haha

Anonymous said...

aiyo, dont torture the poor boy lah! but he is indeed quite big sized - EDPJ