Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A husband's love

I've been wanting to blog this for a long time, but each time I have the time, I only have the energy to update my work stuff.

This post is about a most devoted husband I've known-my dad.

My mum is an opera addict, having performed and practiced cantonese opera from 16 to 60. She's now in her 60s and she still going strong in this artform.

My dad, not half as musically talented as my mum, enjoyed just chauferring her to and fro her practices. During his younger days he would wait around and see through her needs such as fetching her tea and buying her supper. Later as he got older, he would send her to the clan, then go home to nap or watch TV and be back in time to pick her up when practice is over.

Recently my dad just recovered from a mild stroke and we, the kids forbade him to drive. To curb his temptation so that he would take time off to recuperate properly (otherwise he would continue chauffering my mum and we caught him doing that several times), we had to do the cruel thing to sell off his car.

We encouraged our mum to carry on her pursuits to busy herself, but it also meant she would have to move out of the comfort zone to learn to take the public transport.

When my dad's health improved, he would saunter to the bus stop near our house to wait for his wife to come home from her bus ride.

When he got even better, he surprised my mum by taking the bus to the clan to meet her so that they can take the bus back together......and now apparently, is a regular ritual........and you should see the beam on my mum's face when she recounts this to us.


reminds to self - what is most important in this world is -true love, passion, honesty and GOD


wildgoose said...

Your parents really have a relationship that many would love to have.

sinlady said...

agree totally with wildgoose! they are also wonderful parents.

Anonymous said...

Your dad's continuous effort to keep this relationship alive is wonderful. Hope that his health is much better now.
Also, please take care of yourself, try to take at least 1 day off for yourself.

Princess Saphire

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

OMG im going to show this to S. sometimes when i ask him to chauffeur me, i swear he has this look of pain and irritation on his face. your parents are so so sweet!!!!

suzie wong said...

thanks all for feeling it with me. My dad's entire life was devoted to his family. He would fetch mum everywhere amd his kids up til they were in the uni, fetched me around for my gigs til I got my own car, then he turned his attention to his grandchildren...right up til the stroke hit him! I think the thing that hits him hardest now is not his ailing health, but that he cannot be of service to his family like before....

Anonymous said...

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dancingbunny said...

that is so sweet....parents behaviour always brings abt a difference in the way the children will grow up to be

I had always wished for a peaceful familty life but never had any in my childhood days right to the day I got married.