Wednesday, October 10, 2007


These were the exact same events(my dad's Clan birthday celebration) held at the same place, same guests and same format. Only difference being--they are 2 years apart.

2 years ago

See the chubby girl in the background with me 2 years ago? Spot her now

The boy has upgraded from suit to a tux. He had been wanting to wear it at my wedding. I think he knows it's not happening, so I guess he decides to wear it now before he outgrows it! Haha

As always, mum and me will NOT be spared from contributing our fair amount of artistic talents in events like these. But really, mum is THE BIGGER star. Here you go, Ms Sin Lady,

(wa! mum's video has higher viewership than my recently loaded pole video! woo-hoo)


sinlady said...

Tell your mom for me that we think she is truly amazing ! And you have a lovely extended family.

Suzie Wong said...

Yes I will SL, and thanks. Mum will be so happy. So looks so good, doesn't she..teehee!

Mum's videos has 220 views after 22 hours of loading. My latest pole video which by now has a certain following less than 100! Mum champion!

vb said...

Yr mom got blog or not?! Unbelieveable!!!! Anyway, just want to say that yr this silver outfit very very stylo and suits u very well.

Yr car website "sticker" weather-proof or not?

Suzie Wong said...

It's really quite amazing vb, current count is 257! Like how come? The silver outfit bought during my Sydney pole jam trip.

Car sticker is supposed to be permanent stickers for vehicles, so i guess should be alright. Only problem i worry it's not itchy-fingers proof, sorry some people may peel off the pole-girl icon.

how's your holiday, lady of leisure?

wildgoose said...

Maybe time for mom to have fan site. :)

vb said...

VERY BORING! If not where got time to email u and read yr blog!????? Luckily tmr leaving for BKK.

Suzie Wong said...

WG, ya, must start a blog for her in Can-tor-nese! haha

VB, sigh! only lucky people like you can complain about holidays

sinlady said...

vb - where this boring place you went? So I no need go kekeke.

vb said...

This boring place is called AKA Resorts in Hua HIn ( ...Hua Hin as a place itself is boring unlike Phuket coz it is still very undeveloped and probably will remain undeveloped as it is revered grounds.

sinlady said...

vb - just saw your reply here. Agree Hua Hin boring. So are Krabi and Ko Samui.