Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just hope that someone can help me....

get the handspring! I have been trying it for months and still not get it.

I was sharing with Wildgoose & B over the weekend that I wish someone can tell me what muscles I should engage or what strength I lack so that I can start training that up.

Sometimes I can get into a new move rather quickly, like the
pole split. I only had to watch from a video once. I experiment with it and achieved it.

Today I just saw another move, tried it, got it, although it hurt like a biatch!When the bruises under the arm recover, I'll try it further up the pole and try get into it more gracefully.

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wildgoose said...

well, now i recall that i need to tuck in my pelvis and really squeeze the inner thigh and inner buttock muscles to balance and straighten in my headstand. don't know if that will help.
help the bruises go away soon.