Saturday, October 20, 2007


Nothing different, you say! Cos I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about the participants.

Uncle got into the act and removed top when I removed my furry coat. Sorry I had to censor more than the eyes as his boobs were a little obscene. Lol!

Just some fun shots, look at the guy on left! He was really inspired, after that he couldn't stop experimenting with climbing the pole. Sorry camera missed out on those.

Who else but stripper uncle won the challenge trophy.

Just some fave shots!

I just returned from another show. This time I had a particpant who totally at his own discretion stripped down to his underpants! I'm NOT kidding and it was no fault of mine, but the achohol's. I couldn't have posted his pictures even if I had them because was sort-of an academic event. I certainly hope the audience who were frantically snapping away with their cellphones would not sabo you, Don! Lol!

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vb said...

The outfit damn HOT!!!!!! Maybe u can get the length altered? U will look so so HOT in them! Sayang leh.....

Yr audience scary la! Love handles, tummies, flab and all hanging out!

Anonymous said...


sinlady said...

Wah, they really so inspired by you! They are cute :)

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

sounds like u need to hold some man-pole competition! man-boobs optional :P

Suzie Wong said...

VB, not alterable, if you see it, you'll know what i mean. I really like it too.

SL..hee :)

EDPJ, man-pole competition...that'll be really funny.