Thursday, October 04, 2007


"Sadly the studio had closed, but we are keeping the dance alive at the Jitterbugs Swingapore" so says thebodytalks website.

It was my first time visiting the 3rd floor of Millennia Walk. And boy, was I surprised how bursting with energy Jitterbugs Swingapore was last evening with its 3 mega studios filled to the brim with dance students. Dominating the place were many hip-hoppy teens and the early 20something in cargo pants & streetwear. I felt really out of place when I set foot inside. Thankfully no one came up to me to ask which child I'd come to fetch.

We are given 2 nights of practice sessions a week, that's so decent of them. Last night was our first and we spent 3 solid hours practising intensively, trying to get use to our new home. Believe me, it wasn't difficult, I'm already in love with the studios and the poles.

Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions after a hiatus of several weeks since thebodytalks decided to close. Just as well I have to practice real hard as I need to really fit to fulfill some requests to perform, including a birthday bash & NUS Faculty of Arts & Social Science Alumni Charity Event.

Tonight we were completely drained, so only managed a few couple tricks like this with Linna

Oh, btw, THE ACCOUNT has been SUSPENDED. Thanks!


wildgoose said...

so sad it's closed. But Jitterbugs is a nice place.

sinlady said...

wg and i started exotic dance at jitterbugs. It really is a nice place and ya, the energy level there is always high.

happy to see u no longer a starlet on "Asian babe dancers" (or something insulting like that LOL)

go-poles said...

Oh wow, such a cool picture

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

oh.. i was just visiting thebodytalks website the other day. i hope u gals are keeping up with the gals-only classes at jitterbugs.

wildgoose said...

i'm not taking any dance classes right now, just yoga class. :)

Suzie Wong said...

WG-i like both places, so it really doesn't matter where i practice, yeah, but it's a waste for bodytalks

SL-OIC, and yup thanks, the Asian babe thingie is scary, because I'm NO longer a babe to begin with

GP-thanks. we have some more, but will post somemore next time when our facial expressions are!

EDPJ-the pole classes are definitely just for the gals

WG-lemme know if you need a Pole hen night! hee