Monday, October 22, 2007


I'm quite a health freak, and I usually rather faithfully adhere to my scheduled checkups & tests.

Today I was due for my annual check of the mammaries. I won't even tell you this if not for the funny conversation between doctor & me when he was delivering what I think was called the Ultrasound Scan

Doc : Do you do a lot of exercises?

Me : Ah....ya!?

Doc : Wah, very muscular hor!

Me : Huh? You mean you can see from the scan?

Doc : You see the different layers (ponting to the screen)? This layer is the muscles. Yours very thick and well-developed....I seldom see this in a woman..

I know he wanted to know what kind of exercises I do, but not the most advisable to suggest or utter the word "pole dancing" for a woman lying stark topless. So when he prompted "you lift weights huh?" I just concurred "yes. lift weights" ('my own body weight')

Anyway, since we're on the topic of nakedness, I think you will enjoy this video called "Total Naked"


vb said...

wah! Her body damn sor-lid!!!!!!!!!! And so so lovely loooking too! SIgh......... God very unfair hor!

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! I am falling off my chair laffing about your mammogram diagnosis and the video!

sinlady said...

LOL. aiyoh, got like dat wan har? (conversation with doc and video)

wildgoose said...

your doc is funny. and so is the video. :D

pole kat said...

cool! you now have a medical confirmation that you are a muscley little pole dynamite