Monday, May 12, 2008

Continues from last post

Sorry for the lack of posts. No I haven't lost the motivation to blog. Just that life has been really quite different now that I have to do most everything and make every decision myself since I'm self-employed.

Contrary to what I thought I would lead a more casual and relaxed schedule, I found myself going straight back to work after I returned from Guangzhou.

Anyway these are quick updates of my recent trip:

Gz Shopping

I love GZ shopping. the fashion very Hong Kong-styled BUT at a fraction of the price. But very tricky.....many shops are not fitted with fitting rooms, which probably explains my loot was over 20 t-shirts in 2 hours. If I had to queue for fitting rooms and try piece after piece, it probably won't be so fast. Can you see in the last picture my infamous shopping trolley bag that VB teases me about? I had to unload it in my hotel room twice in 3 hours

A tibetan themed restaurant-bar.

The experience was memorable. I love how the performers, the bar manager and waitresses all got up to do a series of mass dance. Needless to say, we were coaxed into joining them. Even though we were all tired out from the show, we participated for the heck of it and had a great time oggling at the good-looking "tribe" people. What you saw in the last post is the toilet door in the ladies washroom! Exquisite right?

The Makan (food)

It's no wonder my friend Meow Meow, Kit & May rave about the food in GZ. I wouldn't say I'm used to eating all the stuff, but I'm really impressed how you can find 4-storey restaurants in GZ and they are buzzling deep into the night! The bestest food I've had this trip is the "lau mian" (dry stirred noodles) you see in the top row middle picture.....gosh that plain thing tasted so good!

The event

The reason why I was there.

I had a great time and I have the following 2 people to thank (you know who you are)
I had some great buys, amongst which are these lovely little hair clips. ooh, I love them so much I wish I had bought more. No more hair bands for bunny ears or devils horn. They can be clipped on and they are extremely cute! I show you in another post

Bought some more for friends' kids. Ms R please take your pick for princess (er...the red mickey is reserved ME! hahaha)

The last picture is going to make you laugh so hard.







On the way back, for some eye sooth!






imp said...

WAH ! how can you shop so much?!!! wooots!

sinlady said...

hey, shopping street in guangzhou looks exactly like the one in xiamen - go see in email.

food also looks sama. and yup, restaurants also custom built six- storey monstrosities and FULL all the time. and oh ya, also plenty private rooms.

looks like boom cities in cheena land all the same :)

wildgoose said...

My thoughts are exactly like imp's. How to buy so much? but next time, i know where to go if I want to shop. :D

Suzie Wong said...

Imp, WG- the no-fitting room policy, stretchy fabric and price tag make it all quite possible. check out the latest post

SL-oh ya, got private rooms somemore

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

haha..r those real cucumbers or wat?!