Monday, May 26, 2008

I read about her today....

I quickly searched the youtube....gosh this is so gonna make you cry!

----added later----

gosh she has turned me into a HUGE fan, here's her one year later

After watching the second clip, now I'm a total emotional wreck, and even more convinced than ever that she is God-sent.

Connie Talbot, btw is another big child star discovered by Britain's got talent.

This was her first appearance which got Simon Cowell (yes, the usually with the unkind but true comments) cooing....

She has since released albums and if you want to watch more of her, search the youtube like I did


Anonymous said...

Okay, I feel that this is one occassion I can say this without using HIS name in vain because it must be from HIM...OH MY GOD!!!!!

Suzie Wong said...

I watch over and over again the part where she played and sang and I keep crying over & over again!Really God-sent little angel

sinlady said...

may they both have successful careers with their amazing talents :)

Anonymous said...

Her adoptive parents must be incredible people for her to know and feel so loved and blessed at such a young age.