Thursday, June 26, 2008

Acro Polates-the transformation

In The beginning
Demolition Works


The painting

Mirroring & Lighting



Acro Polates (pronouced Po-La-Tease), i.e. Acrobatic Fitness on the Pole is equipped with X-poles, exercise mats specially fitted for poles, plush lightings, 3-wall mirrors. Ideally located near Bugis, the studio offers an alternative and revolutionary way for ladies to stay tone and trim.

Visit the WEBSITE for more information, or better still, email or call 9787 6876/6334 2382 for enquiries


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, I couldn't find a link at your Acro Polates website which links to your Suzie Wong website.

sinlady said...

aiyoh - looked so hopeless at the start. u did fabulous job transforming the place!

Suzie Wong said...

sis, it's at the bottom, link, can u find it?

SL- no bad considering i did not hire a budget for that. lol

wildgoose said...

i'm so impressed with the change. it's so cosy and inviting now. :)

Suzie Wong said...

Wg : hee, then pls be invited over more often ok? wink