Sunday, June 22, 2008

Do u see the POLE-TENTIAL in you?

Then come on over, the studio ACRO POLATES is now fitted with lovely X-poles, touted one of the best in the pole fitness industry.
Complete with mirrors, plush lightings, and specially tailored exercise mats to fit the poles, for safe and hygenic learning (currently ONLY studio in Singapore with these mats)

A temporary website is now ready if you want to know more information of the courses it offers, but the best is to email me or call me 9787 6876. I will reply all your queries. Classes are filling up fast & POLE-GRESSIVELY!


sinlady said...

the girls looking forward to seeing the place for themselves!

Jasmine Han said...

Hi ho! Your new studio looks great. The mats are awesome and I feel so secure just looking at them. Hey, I can do the knee hold liao, now onto my next tricks ... Superman and pancake! Boo hoo. Bruises all over my legs. Jasmine Han

Anonymous said...

Hoi! Go and patent your mat! HAhaha!

Denise Hou said...

OMG! I wanna visit Singapore just to see/dance/learn at your studio!