Sunday, June 08, 2008

I heard a sad sad news today

One of our fellow entertainer friend has taken his own life due to depression! :(

It was such a shock, he seemed to be loving life! Sigh!

Another reminder for me to love the people around me


eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

tats unfortunate. may he rest in peace.

wildgoose said...

So sad. it was shocking too when one of my ex-colleague committed suicide. He's always so smiley. Nobody had any idea.

sinlady said...

yup, remember to show your love every chance u can.

Suzie Wong said...


SL...try la, but how to love those people who betray you, insult & bad-mouth you behind your back? difficult la....but i will love the THREE of you for sure :)

sinlady said...

oh thanks for loving us haha. we love u too.