Thursday, June 19, 2008

There is God, and God is there

You know yesterday I had my Studio's Opening .

I had likened to have my work place near my church for some reason. God blessed me with one, in fact so near I can see the church every morning before I step into the studio.

So this entire time I was planning for the studio opening, I had wanted to invite a pastor over to pray for a good, but somehow terrible me, didn't get to plan that properly.

So yesterday while I was busy making my final checks on the cake orders (i ordered from a shop downstairs which serves some mean butter cream cakes), visited some neighbours who sent us flowers, I bumped into an ex-pastor of my church, Rev Cheng, whom I have deep respect for, who had great stewardship during those days he pastored our English congregation. He had since moved on to another church. When I met hime, he claimed he had just finished visiting some of his current congregation members in the vincinity. I invited him up to office, explained that it was my official opening and had him prayed with/for me..

That was just about an hour before the opening, I think God had placed him there!

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Anonymous said...

good 4 u suzie