Friday, June 20, 2008


Thank you thank you all who turned up for my studio's opening. Your presence and gifts, and support in every every way are appreciated big time......let me run my list (I hope I don't miss out anyone)

1. Effects Technologies --for having supported me in the silhuoette curtain drop effect (I had fab fab reviews, they say my figure very nice behind the curtain)...Vincent, Wayne....thank you....owe you big time

2. Chris & Nikki, for supported me in photography & design

3. Welles whom not only attended, but so unselfishly assisted in entertaining guests with your magnificent silhuoette cut out skills, & so quickly blogged about it

4. Ms SinLady for the lights, for having to lug them all over Bugis (so sorry)

5. Ms Blinkymummy for having kindly blogged about opening. Thank you thank you.

6. Lester of Jesterz for creating balloons, making even the adults so happy

7. Simon of Syan Consulting for rushing the lanuch of MY WEBSITE on time

8. Dance magazine Kay Hock for covering the event.

9.The mysterrious DUO (Mr Rambutan & Sweetie Ah Mee--if you can identify them in the picture) , whom despite uber busy schedules, want to be my first students, risking bruIsed nuts and all....hahaha...

10. Some big big help from Jamilla,, Brenda for the wine and wine glass. and many many more........can't go thru all the names and will have pictures soon...promise

12. Last but not least, couldn't have done it without you guys, so here's CHEERS TO THREE OF US....BWAHAHAHA


sinlady said...

really happy for you towkay neo !

vb said...

U deserve it! All the best!

researcher said...

congrats. great opening. love the set up.

wildgoose said...

Congrats! The studio looks great. :)

Suzie Wong said...

SL--wah towkay neo....that would have been my surname if i teochew...haha, really

VB--when u coming over?

Ms R-thank u, so do I get Mr B's opening job? hahaha...soliciting man

WG--do join us on friday, u haven't seen it ya?

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

haha.. nice pic. the guys made a good pole-ing attempt.

congrats my friend!

wildgoose said...

Will be there on Friday. :)

Denise Hou said...

Is that the new podium pole (version 2) from X-pole?

You look soooo tiny among those guys!