Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st Dec

I woke up with a bad throat and I scrambled to get the clinic's number as I needed a quick fix since it's gonna be heavy usage (of the throat) tonight.

I panicked as this long-time clinic I've been patronising since a teenager was closing in an hour's time and is usually very very crowded, with patients spilling out to the void deck.

After hanging up the phone upon checking operations hour since it's last day of the year and everyone's on half day, I zipped down to the clinic as quickly as possible, but to my surprise & relief, there were only 3 waiting patients including me. Happily, I was in and out of the place in half and hour.

Later I told spider friend how lucky I was, first time I went to the clinic half empty, his reply "of course what, nobody needs MC today! Everyone's well (to party)!" Hahahaha...He's damn funny and damn right la


imp said...

TANK UP ON VIT C! start 2009 on a no-sore-throat note!!

have a good one babe!

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

i hope u will get well soon! happy new yr!

wildgoose said...

You're towday neo too long to realise no one takes MC on half days like this! Lol... get well soon.

Suzie Wong said...

Imp-haha, okok!

EDPJ-better already thanks, happy new year

WG-no la, just that my colleague sick no need to produce MC, because they put in many extra hours normally....